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I have extensive experience, knowledge and connections in marketing your property to its highest and best use. My overall objective is to deliver the highest price the market will allow utilizing a number of strategies:

  • Vast database of buyers, users and investors, and quickly posting our properties to outside sources like Costar, LoopNet, Greater South Bay Multiple Listing, etc.
  • Extensive advertising and/or targeted mailers to widely expose listed properties --- except in select cases where secrecy is paramount.
  • Assist with lease rates and advice, lease and sale comps, repositioning when desired, and speak the language to owner-users, lessees, investors, and developer’s.
  • Develop marketing packages and on many of the math models used in investor or user analysis.
  • Market your property in a very short period of time utilizing many services such as mapping, brochures, aerials, demographics, Argus & math models, coupled with Internet & email distribution to brokers and buyers.


Creating strategies to enhance the value of a Landlord’s real estate asset is my highest priority. I focus on positioning the product in the marketplace, identifying suitable prospects, and creating customized marketing strategies to enhance the value of my client’s assets.

I evaluate market conditions, including tenant relocations, levels of occupancy in a target area, rental rates, proposed development and other real estate trends to develop a comprehensive positioning and leasing program for the property. My concurrent tenant representation experience gives me a thorough understanding of tenant needs thus translating into an advantage to effectively position and lease properties for landlords. My Landlord representation services Include:

  • Product Positioning
  • Creating Marketing Tools and Strategies
  • Identifying Suitable Prospects
  • Leasing Negotiations
  • Post-leasing Services
  • STARS™ Strategic Transaction Administration and Reporting System


Whether seeking to lease or purchase new facilities, or renegotiate an existing lease, I provide the highest level of tenant representation in every phase of the process. From initial market analysis to site selections, financial analysis of selected alternatives and final negotiation of the lease or purchase agreement, I have the experience, knowledge and the persistence to complete the transaction efficiently and to the best interest of the client.

No matter your requirement — be it expanding a new facility across town, contemplating relocating your corporate headquarters across the country or venturing into new markets across the globe — I can help you make the best decisions and make them expeditiously…minimizing cost and maximizing value. My tenant representative services provided include:

  • Defining Requirements
  • Relocations
  • Consolidations
  • Subleases
  • Acquisitions
  • Dispositions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Site Location
  • Demographic Consulting
  • Market Analysis
  • Comparative Financial Analysis
  • Transaction Negotiation
  • STARS™ Strategic Transaction Administration and Reporting System


I work with private investors and institutions seeking to maximize real estate portfolios and investment strategies. I have turned this local knowledge into my own proprietary target database to help promote listed properties to the greatest number of qualified buyers.

I also maintain ongoing relationships with buyers of investment and development properties, and continually track buyer activity along product type, value range and geographic area. With extensive network of contacts, my database contains detailed profiles on private and institutional investors, as well as qualified intermediaries for 1031 transactions. My investments services include:

  • Local Expertise
  • Target Marketing
  • Broad-Based Promotion
  • Direct Relationships
  • Proven Results

Tenant Representation

My local market expertise combined with our state-of-the-art demographic mapping tools, my clients are in a position to make well-educated decisions. My tenant representation services include:

  • Analysis of the optimum demographics and site criteria for your particular business
  • Site Analysis including Trade Area Competition Analysis
  • Market Rent Analysis of properties comparable to the prospective subject site
  • Presenting the Landlord with information about your company and the value your tenancy will bring to their property
  • Lease negotiations
  • Assistance with local governmental agencies

Landlord Representation

When starting with a new development, far too often I see developers and their architects so focused on how the center is going to look, that some of the key ingredients which make a shopping center successful are overlooked – Tenant Mix, Layout and Feasibility.

I design a marketing strategy specifically tailored for your particular property by highlighting its most favorable attributes and identify the target market of tenants best suited for your center and its current tenant mix. An aggressive marketing campaign designed to give your property maximum exposure is implemented and continued until your property is 100% leased. My landlord representation services include:

  • Market Rent Analysis
  • Creating an attractive leasing brochure which highlights your center’s most favorable attributes
  • Marketing the property
  • Analyzing offers and their respective financial statements, credit reports, competition in the marketplace and other relative information which will ease the decision making process of choosing a qualified Tenant
  • Negotiating Offers
  • Drafting Leases and assisting your attorney in Lease negotiations

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Sheri has been my broker and friend ever since we met 10 years ago. She has assisted in purchasing properties, preleasing them, and has been instrumental in carefully orchestrating the difficult time frames of 1031 exchanges. Sheri is extremely meticulous, resourceful and results oriented. I trust her 100% in knowing that she is the best at what she does. She is presently leasing my newly developed retail property in Redondo Beach, California.

- Clark Adams
Clark Adams Company